My Dad, Limousines, and Yankee Stadium :: Lori Fuller Photography

I went to many Yankee games throughout my childhood.  My Dad was a huge Yankees fan and if he wasn't working, sleeping, or reading war novels, he was watching baseball or going to games and bringing us along.  I remember actually going to a game once or twice in a limousine and having access to the "Clubhouse."  I don't recall the details of how such amazing opportunities were offered to him, and then by default, to me at the young age of like 10 or 12 (maybe younger?), but all I remember is complaining about it because in order to enter the Clubhouse, you had to be dressed nice.  As in skirts and a nice shirt; not the normal baseball attire of jeans, t-shirts and sneaks.  I hope you are rolling your eyes and muttering the words "spoiled brat" along with me, because I NOW truly understand just how much of a privilege this access was to me at such a young age.  I was just a kid...what did I know? During our recent trip to NY, we went to a game at the new stadium.  Although we live in CA, we are New York transplants and the Yankees are still our team.  It was exciting to be there, even though it was cold, it had snowed the night before, our original game was postponed, and it took some extra effort to fit the new game in the schedule.  Although I was with my family and experiencing the new stadium through their eyes, I couldn't help but think about my Dad and wish that, for just a moment, I could go back and say, "Hey Dad, wearing this skirt to a baseball game really sucked...but...thank you."


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