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I know there are some people who think of this day as another "Hallmark holiday."  I think of it as that one day of the year where we all collectively tribute Motherhood and the moms in our lives, as well as the ones who made us moms.  Sure, we should absolutely take time during some of the other 364 days of the year to call our moms, send them cards or flowers, tell them we love them, thank them for giving us birth and a car when we turned 16.  I think it is a day for those of us who are moms to take a break from the chores: the laundry, cooking, cleaning, food shopping - without guilt.  It's a day to sleep in (although I am the ONLY one up in my house at the moment!) - without feeling like the house is going to fall apart without you.  It's a day to be a bit selfish and pick the restaurant or movie or destination for the day because it's a place YOU want to go, even if no one else in the house is quite as thrilled about hiking and sushi as much as you.  Mother's Day is showing excitement for special handmade gifts by 7-year olds and handwritten cards with misspelled words.  It's about seeing those little faces excitedly hand them to you with such pride they are practically bursting at the seams. To all of the moms out there - the single moms, the co-parenting moms, the biological moms, the adopted moms, the families with two moms, the grand-moms, the mothers-in-law, the aunts/sisters/friends who are acting as moms...this day is for you. Enjoy every minute of it - without guilt.

Special love and overwhelming gratitude goes to my own mama today for being the kind of mom I am striving to be - silly, compassionate, selfless and brave.

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Also, a big shout out to these two little people who turned me into a mama.  According to them, I am the best mom they've ever had.  YES!!

San Francisco, CA Family Photographer

Happy Mother's Day to all of you fabulous moms.