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The alarm was set for 6am.  I was awake before it went off, my mind already racing.  I knew today was going to be an exciting day, for all of us.  With the flurry of the morning routine - lunches packed, breakfast served, teeth brushed, we were back in business.  Today marks the start of another school year, and I'm proud of both my now first grader and third grader for being ready and eager to get back into the swing of things.  On the drive to school, my husband noted my marked excitement as I told really stupid jokes and was practically dancing in the driver's seat (and that was before coffee).  I admit that I was happy because I will now get my work time back.  I'll get to enjoy the quiet in my house and in my head for a few hours everyday once again.  I'll see the living room floor clear of toys at least for a little while (most days anyway).  And when 2:45pm rolls around and it's time to leave for pick up, I'll feel accomplished and rejuvenated and excited to see them again. With all of the excitement, what I didn't expect was the sudden feeling of anxiety I felt as I drove away from the school.  The worry that has kept our family on edge for most of the summer.  Will my little boy be healthy and safe?  Will the trusted adults that are watching over him pay close enough attention and make sure he is well taken care of?  My son's health was the cause for much stress and worry, doctor visits and hospitalizations throughout most of our summer, and although he is doing better, we are not back to the pre-summer days where his health had become one of the last things on our mind.  As we continue meeting with his pulmonologist and allergist to determine the root of his health issues, we are moving forward with everyday life.  We will continue to pack lunches, eat breakfast, brush teeth and head off to school every morning for the next several months, and I will spend a few minutes of my quiet time each day hoping and believing that my little guy will be well-cared for even when I'm not there.

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