My Favorite Summer Photo | San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

Cousins. Playing race cars and video games.

Swimming together for hours.

Laughing hysterically at bathroom words.

This image is absolutely my most favorite image from the entire summer, quite possibly the entire year.



Most of our summer did not look this fun and carefree.  Most of our summer was consumed with worry and anxiety over my son's health.  Most of our summer was spent indoors, visiting doctors and hospitalizations and wondering what was causing him to be so sick and feeling overwhelmed that we couldn't keep him healthy.  We were certain that we would have to cancel our family reunion trip that had been planned for months.  We didn't know when we would see our 8-year old act like an active little boy again, full of energy and life.

It was a huge relief when things improved and the doctor gave us the OK to go away.  It was a fantastic trip that we all desperately needed and appreciated more than any other vacation.  Seeing my son smiling and running and laughing and enjoying time with his cousins was the greatest part of the entire week.  I smile every single time I look at this image because I know how significant this moment was for all of us and the memories that these little guys will have of their time together is priceless.