Remembering :: Family Portrait Photographer :: Lincoln Park, Alameda, CA

Last night I was reminded that what I'm doing is much, much more than just a job.  As I shared my condolences with my dear friend Mark whose father had passed away earlier in the day, he said something that brought tears to my eyes. The last few visits to see his father were challenging.  As his father's health had deteriorated and the person that Mark knew growing up had been slowly slipping away, he expressed his gratitude for having the images from our extended family session taken earlier last year.  They are images that provide comfort in remembering his father as the person he used to be; the father he remembered growing up with.  Knowing that these images can perhaps bring a smile and a sense of peace to Mark and his family makes me teary-eyed happy.

My sincere condolences to Mark, Jenn, John, and Mrs. Flaa. Much love to you all. xo

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