Beach Photo Reflections | San Diego, CA Photographer | Lori Fuller Photography

Sometimes it is a breath of fresh air to go through my photo collection and browse images that I've taken for myself.  During a recent trip to San Diego, I met up with my friend Erin and her family.  In the short time we were able to spend together, we climbed rocks, played in the sand, watched the sunset, and took fun photos.  Each of these images seem to be sending me a little message and important reminder at the moment.

san diego-001 copy

Do these sneakers fit together, or does one pair stand out?  When I first looked at this photo, I thought it was fun, but then quickly thought, "oh this would've been even better if my daughter's pink velcro shoes were lace up ones so they would match the rest."  Why did I even think this way?  Isn't it better to stand out and be a little unique?  There's nothing wrong with fitting in and being the same in some ways, but standing out from the crowd in your own special way is something that everyone should try to do, both in business and in everyday life.

san diego-002 copy

I miss my friends and family.  Between busy schedules and different time zones, it seems so hard to keep in touch or get together with some of my most favorite people.  My kids are constantly having play dates and had so much fun digging in the sand with their friends.  I want to dig in the sand with my friends, too...preferably someplace tropical with a fruity umbrella drink in my hand!  Who's coming?

san diego-003 copy

Oh this just makes me laugh!  WE HAVE TO LAUGH!  Every. Single. Day.

san diego-004 copy

I've been spending a lot of time reflecting on my business over the past few weeks.  I'm taking a step back and re-evaluating some things, setting new goals and reflecting on what will really make me, my family, and my clients happy.

san diego-005 copy

I've said this before, and I'll say it again.  Moms, PLEASE, get in photos with your children!  There will ALWAYS be an excuse or reason not to (believe me, I know), but you will absolutely not regret it one bit.  More importantly, neither will your children.  Thank you Erin Oveis Brant for this photo!

san diego-006 copy

It's good to change your perspective sometimes.  Looking at something from a different angle can change your entire thought process or help you to see something you didn't see before.  Recently, I've turned negative thoughts into positive ones simply by changing my perspective on it.  It's hard to do sometimes, but the more I do it, the easier it is!

san diego-007 copy

Take a moment each day to stop and look around.  There is so much beauty out there, so many things that we are missing when we are distracted by phones and emails and fears and frustrations.  It doesn't have to be a beautiful sunset - there is so much to see out there, so take it all in, people...a little bit each day.