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Here are the answers to a handful of the questions for my first Ask Me (almost) Anything post! When you white balance on the fly (in a natural environment, e.g. no gray card) what do you use to balance against?

Often I shoot with my camera set to auto white balance.  I mainly photograph kids and families in outdoor settings, so the light is constantly changing as we are making our way around a park and moving in and out of different lighting.  I'll try to set a custom white balance if we aren't moving around too much and the prevalent light is consistent, but it's challenging to keep making adjustments when working with kids.  I'd rather get the shot than be fiddling around with my camera.  Since I shoot in RAW, I can easily make proper adjustments in post processing when I need to.  I have not tried this yet, but I know many photographers use something called an ExpoDisc to help with white balance.

What is your oldest memory?

I remember where and how I met my first childhood friend.  I was four-years old and I was playing with my Barbie dolls outside on my front porch.  A little girl and her mom who lived across the street came over and introduced themselves.  The little girl was four-years old too, and it was in that moment we became childhood best friends.

What was the most difficult thing you have ever had to deal with?

There are three:

1. losing my father to a sudden heart attack when I was 14.

2. attempting to make my way out of a freezing rushing river when a class 5 whitewater rafting adventure went horribly wrong.

3. watching my four-year old (at the time) hooked up to a breathing machine and having a team of doctors surrounding him as he struggled to breathe during a terrifying virus/asthma attack combo

What is your opinion of Instagram?

I like Instagram and use it regularly.  It's just another form of social media and allows you to engage with people with whom you may not otherwise through photography.  The challenge with Instagram is that you have a very small thumbnail of space to capture a viewer's attention, so it forces you to really think carefully about composition and take photos that are not too cluttered and busy.  I follow several photographers (both hobbyists and pros) who are taking incredibly artistic images and really pushing the limits with mobile photography.  I've also used IG as a way of documenting my kids and everyday life, and I've used it to participate in daily photo challenges.  Using only my iPhone to capture and post photos there, it forces me to work with some limitations.  If you are interested in following me, you can find me at, or as @loripeanut on the IG app.

Instagram Photos by Lori Fuller Photography

Can you list at least 20 reasons why this is one of the greatest videos the world has ever seen?

I'm sensing an Instagram theme.  :)  This video is hilarious.  So true on all accounts, and highly entertaining.  I don't know if it's the greatest video the world has ever seen though.  I mean, there is this one with a more significant message I think:

And, just for the record - I can promise you this:  you will never see a photo of my feet on Instagram.  Ever.

What is your most hated thing to photograph (that everyone typically wants you to photograph)?

Well, I don't hate them, but my least favorite photos are the posed shots where everyone is smiling perfectly, looking right at the camera.  I like the moments just before and just after those shots because they tend to be more real and natural.

What is the single greatest non-familial simple joy in your life?

So tough!  I am torn between these two:

a deep tissue back massage

a clean house

Thanks to my friend, Carl for the questions.  I'll reintroduce Ask Me (almost) Anything at a later date when there is more interest.  :)

Have a great weekend!