Lori Fuller Photography :: Family Reunion :: Pawleys Island, SC

It was one of the easiest family reunions we've ever planned. The California Fullers (that's us!) made the plan to visit the 'rents (my in-laws) for a week this summer on the east coast. After scouring the web for the least painful airfares for a family of four to South Carolina, we booked our flights and announced to the family we were going. Within a few days, we excitedly found out that all of my husband's siblings - and their families - would plan to go around the same time and our trips would overlap for a few days. It was great how well it all came together, since it's not easy to get us all in the same place at the same time. You know what else isn't easy? Trying to take a group shot - and be IN the shot - when you don't have a remote trigger...and you need to run from the camera into position...and it's like, 90 degrees...and it's like, ridiculously humid...and you're wearing heels...and you feel like you might pass out but you must Get. The. Shot.

Yeah, that wasn't easy...but I guess you could say it all came together.

xoImage_Lori Fuller PhotographyImage_Lori Fuller PhotographyImage_Lori Fuller PhotographyImage_Lori Fuller PhotographyImage_Lori Fuller Photography

Image_Lori Fuller PhotographyImage_Lori Fuller Photography Image_Lori Fuller Photography Image_Lori Fuller Photography Image_Lori Fuller PhotographyImage_Lori Fuller Photography Image_Lori Fuller Photography Image_Lori Fuller Photography Image_Lori Fuller Photography Image_Lori Fuller PhotographyImage_Lori Fuller Photography

Gualala Point Regional Park :: Sonoma County Photographer

One of my favorite summertime activities is camping. The problem with camping in California is that most campgrounds book up pretty early in the year. For those of us who don't plan out the entire years worth of vacations and trips in January, this can become problematic because by the time you visit the main website where reservations are booked, all of the most desirable campgrounds are no longer available.Image_Gualala Point Regional Park Last year I took a different approach by searching regional parks and found Gualala, a beautiful campsite nestled in the woods off the coast in Sonoma County. If you can handle the 47 miles or so of highly curvy, somewhat nail-biting parts of highway 1 to get there from the Bay Area, you will not be disappointed. A hike to the beach is about a mile and makes for a great day excursion. It is a great place to bring the family and spend the weekend with friends, which is what we did this past weekend. Although we had to shorten the trip and leave earlier than expected Sunday due to health issues, it was otherwise a perfect getaway!Image_Gualala Point Regional ParkImage_Gualala Point Regional ParkImage_Lori Fuller Photography

For this trip, I decided to bring my camera along and only one lens. Any photographer reading this knows just how hard it can be to NOT bring the entire camera bag; WHAT IF I NEED ONE OF THOSE OTHER LENSES? It felt liberating to not be bogged down with a heavy bag and constantly assessing with lens to use. There are so many decisions to make and choices to consider everyday and it sometimes it's a relief to limit the choices right off the bat and focus on one thing only. With my handy 50mm attached to my 5DMIII, I embraced this approach and enjoyed it immensely.Image_Gualala Point Regional ParkImage_Gualala Point Regional Park

Image_Gualala Point Regional Park

Image_Gualala Point Regional Park

Image_Gualala Point Regional ParkImage_Gualala Point Regional Park

Image_Gualala Point Regional Park

Image_Gualala Point Regional Park Image_Gualala Point Regional Park Image_Gualala Point Regional Park Image_Gualala Point Regional Park Image_Gualala Point Regional Park Image_Lori Fuller Photography

The Brown Paper Bag // Oakland, CA Photographer

Image_Lori Fuller PhotographyEvery year around this time, my kids bring home a brown paper bag overflowing with all kinds of treasures from school - writing journals, projects, half-used workbooks, photos, class work, random drawings, dioramas, art portfolios, and so on. And every year, that brown bag sits in our dining room for a week (or longer) as I ponder what to do with it all. The easiest solution, of course, is to not give it one ounce of thought and toss the whole thing in the recycle bin. But, I just can't. Perhaps it's the former teacher in me or just the sentimental mom, but there is so much hard work showcased in that bag. It is an entire years worth of growth and accomplishment - how can I just toss it? So, I dump everything on the table and I begin sorting through it all, one piece at a time. The kids help make decisions about what to keep and what to toss. We work until we've narrowed the pile down. But, then what?

A few years ago, I would've gone through this process and narrowed down the keepers, and then guess what I would do with those pieces? Toss them right back into the brown paper bag and hide the bag in a closet! The problem was I didn't have a system in place for storing the papers and projects that we all wanted to keep. That is, until I finally decided on a way to store, highlight and archive all of the amazing work and special projects done throughout the year.

A School Days Portfolio Keepsake was my solution. The binder porfolio is a system I have fully embraced because it is smart, easy to keep organized, and will be just the right size keepsake for my children to hold on to and enjoy flipping through over the years. Here's how I do it:

how to create1. Gather your supplies. 

one large three-ring binder (the largest you can find) for each child page protectors tabbed page protectors archival album pages (sizes 4x6 and 8x10) tape, scissors, post-it notes, pen pages labeled with each grade 2015-06-03_0007

2. Label the tabs.

I have one tab for each grade from preschool-8th grade. You can break this down however you would like (ie. make a K-5 binder and then a separate one for 6-8). I know that the earlier years have more paperwork than the older years, so I'm pretty confident that I'll be able to fit all the items we want to keep through 8th grade in this one binder. 2015-06-03_00043. What to keep

I have a few hard and fast rules in terms of what to keep. Some of the must-include items are:

-report cards

-school photos

-class photos

-special certificates

-sports/extracurricular awards/pictures

-misc. photos from the year

-writing samples (creative writing and poems are my favorite)

-art projects

-self-portraits 2015-06-03_00022015-06-03_00034. Photograph oversized art work or projects.

One of my favorite projects in the early grades is when the teachers ask the class at the beginning of the year what they hope to learn, and then ask what they learned at the end of the year. These projects don't fit well in a three-ring binder so I just take photos of fun projects like this so we can print them and include in an album or the binder. 2015-06-03_0008

5. Let the kids take ownership of their portfolios

In addition to helping decide what to keep or toss, enlist your child's help in decorating the cover, as well as the tabbed divider pages for each grade. What I love about this is not only seeing how much more sophisticated their art becomes, but since they usually draw pictures of things they are most interested in at that time (ie. Minecraft), it becomes a time capsule of sorts and lets me see how their hobbies/interests have changed (or stayed the same) year to year. 2015-06-03_00092015-06-03_00056. Include photographs from the year

I will incorporate images from the year that really tell a story about my child's interests or favorite things. Here you see my daughter dressed as a baseball player (GO YANKS!), playing school, and holding her most precious toy, Baby Lily. I use archival-quality photo pages from Print File to safely hold and protect images. I absolutely L O V E mixing images into the binder because 1) it shows how much my kids have grown, 2) it adds great visuals, and 3) printed photos rock! #printyourphotos

Below is a sweet little note my son wrote to my daughter on her first day of Kindergarten. sniff sniff


7. Be selective in what you choose to keep. 

Set guidelines with your kids on how to decide if something is portfolio-worthy or not. A general rule of thumb is if it takes us longer than a few seconds to decide, then it probably isn't worth keeping.2015-06-03_0010


If you have a system in place and all the supplies on hand, creating a School Days Portfolio Keepsake is really a quick - and fun - project that you can do together with the whole family. It is my hope that someday my kids will appreciate my sentimental side as they browse through this book of memories and hard work.

Do you have a system for organizing all of your kid's school work? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!


Put your Best Face Forward | Oakland Head Shot Photographer

Karissa and I agreed to meet at Mio Salon. When I arrived, my talented friend and hair stylist Wendy was already hard at work. Karissa was the big winner of my Birthday Giveaway back in February, and part of the giveaway included hair styling and makeup application prior to our session together. As a former client, I knew it would be a blast working with Karissa again...and I was right! I watched as Wendy brought out Karissa's flawless features by applying very natural-looking makeup that looked absolutely gorgeous behind the lens. Professional hair and makeup really gave an overall polished look and feel to the images.

Mio Salon_Oakland_Image_Lori Fuller Photography

I believe that first impressions can make a huge impact, which is why your profile photo is so important. Take a site like LinkedIn, for example, which engages business professionals with other business professionals. I am always amazed when I scroll the newsfeed to see how many business owners have taken a selfie-type photo with an iPhone and are using that image to represent their brand and their business.

Whether you're a business owner or are on the job hunt, you want to put your best face forward with professional images. I think we managed to do that with Karissa's session!

Head Shots_Lori Fuller Photography

Head Shots_Lori Fuller Photography Head Shots_Lori Fuller Photography Head Shots_Lori Fuller PhotographyIf you are looking to update your online profile, or want to create images that really showcase you and/or your business, I'd love to help you! To learn more about package options, please visit the website here.




The Age of Double Digits

Yesterday, when he was just 9, I started reminiscing about our first few months together. Yesterday, when he was home sick with a stomach bug, it reminded me of the first 19 months of his life when it was just us - him and I - throughout those amazing yet sometimes long, foggy days. Before my husband came home from work each night and before my daughter was born, it was just us building our relationship and creating a bond. My biggest hope is that the bond we've formed remains strong and well-cared for as he enters the somewhat nerve-wracking age of double digits. It's been an amazing joy and privilege being your mom, "Ash." Happy 10th Birthday to you.


Image_lori fuller photography

Play Ball! :: Oakland Girls Softball League, Oakland, CA

It's ball season around the Fuller household. With two kids playing in two different leagues, it means early weekend mornings, coordinating schedules, sunblock, and a car trunk full of baseball/softball gear and folding camp chairs (for those of us who can't sit on the bleachers for more than five minutes)! It also means lots of anxiety and excitement in young players which comes with every new game. This year I'm proud of my daughter for being part of the softball team in our community. She is so enthusiastic about every practice and game. Whether she makes contact with the ball or not, whether she fields the ball or not, she has such a sense of pride in being out there and being part of the team. Every game and practice I catch her looking over at me with a big smile on her face, as if to say, "Look at me, mom, and how much fun I'm having!" I'm so proud of her for being the brave, tenacious athlete that she is. I didn't play organized sports until high school, so to see her out there at such a young age is very inspiring to me. I hope the skills she is learning both on and off the field stick with her forever.

Image_Oakland Girls Softball League, Oakland, CA

What's Your Story?

As I walked back to my car, I couldn't help but smile. I looked at my phone to check the time. 11:30am on a Saturday morning. I had been photographing my clients for a few hours and I didn't even realize it. My back and arms were aching, but I didn't care. I felt giddy and excited because I knew I had made a great discovery about myself and my photography that morning. Image_Lori Fuller Photography

For a long time I have been thinking about the type of images I feel passionate about making. I have been paying close attention to what aspects or details I am drawn to in terms of the photographs I make, as well as which images make me stop dead in my tracks to look at over and over again. I've been thinking about the moments I've captured between my subjects and the interactions that have helped document their lives. I've always put myself in my client's shoes and thought, "what kind of images would I want for my own family from this session?" As I walked away from my client's home that Saturday morning, I knew I had the answer to that question!

I am truly excited to announce a new type of photography session being offered from Lori Fuller Photography!

A What's Your Story? session is a photojournalistic approach to documenting your family in the most authentic way possible.  My goal during a What's Your Story? session is to be a quiet observer into your family life, capturing the subtle interactions and the normal, everyday elements that make up your family story. With no props or "cheese," these sessions are designed with real, honest, natural family life in mind.

Image_Lori Fuller Photography

Prior to your session, I'll get to know all about your family and what makes you tick. I'll ask lots of questions to help me understand what you treasure and prioritize, and what makes you happy - both individually and as a family unit. We will try to begin early one weekend morning in your home, with the hope of catching the little ones just waking up. From the moment I arrive, I will immediately start making photos of what I see, capturing your family life and all of its sweet, hectic, messy, chaotic, adoring ways!

Now, you might be feeling a bit hesitant for a variety of reasons. Maybe you think your house is too messy or cluttered. Perhaps you are not a morning person. Maybe you don't know what to expect. I can reassure you that I'm not there to judge your clutter piles or how many cups of coffee you need to drink to wake up! I'm there to capture your life, unscripted and in the most authentic way I can. There is no expectation that everything will go smoothly. Milk may spill. Kids may fight over toys. The only expectation is that the adults of the family are fully on board and open to whatever happens - in other words, if we adults all go with the flow, everything is going to be just fine.

I was thrilled with how this session turned out on that early Saturday morning, and I was even more thrilled when my clients were thrilled with their images! I think this note from my client best sums it up:

"Oh, how I love these!!! Honestly, I was a little unsure about this plan. I know that you are an excellent photographer, but how good can photos of a sleep-deprived, unshowered, and slightly insecure family be? Amazing!!! And what is best is they really look like us."

To see the full session, click here. (For optimal viewing, click 1080p HD in settings)

Image_Lori Fuller Photography

There is so much beauty and simplicity in capturing the normal, everyday elements of your family life. These moments help tell your family story and will be what children and parents remember years from now. Why not have it documented?

Since these sessions are fresh off the presses (so to speak), I will be offering an introductory rate to the first five families who book a What's Your Story? session! See the website for all of the details!

xo, Lori

PS. If you took the 4 minutes and 30 seconds to watch the video, thank you so much! Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know you stopped by!

And the Winner is...

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who participated in My Birthday Giveaway! It's now time to announce the winner! Drum roll please...(please click the link - NOT the photo!)

Birthday Giveaway Winner

Screenshot 2015-03-05 14.01.18

I hope to continue collaborating with other local businesses to bring more giveaways in the coming months. Be sure to stay updated by joining the LFP mailing list here and following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

Happy Friday!




A Memorable Birthday Dinner + a Giveaway

I came home from running errands to find my house clean, a chef in my kitchen, the dining room table set for 12, and a group of friends standing in my candlelit living room. Even though it was Valentine’s Day, they were all there to celebrate my birthday. They left the kids (and cats) at home and drove from all traffic-filled directions of the Bay Area to be there. They gave up fancy, overpriced romantic dinners for two to eat a fabulously delicious family-style meal prepared in my kitchen by chef Will from Kitchit (http://kitchit.com). As we laughed and ate and drank (and then eventually “sang" karaoke…but we don’t need to talk about that), I couldn’t help but look around the table and feel so much gratitude for what – and who – was surrounding me. It was a night I will never forget. Image_Birthday Giveaway_Lori Fuller Photography

This Saturday, February 28 is my actual birthday. Since I was given such an amazing birthday surprise, I’d like to give a surprise of my own. I've teamed up with another local business to create a photo package giveaway for one lucky LFP follower!


-Hair styling and makeup application by the very talented Wendy Ventresco of Mio Salon (located in Oakland's Montclair district)

-After you are all dolled up, let's take some photos! You will have a 20-minute photo session to use however you wish – grab your best friend, gather your spouse and kids, OR use it to capture some new profile photos for social media or head shots for your business

-a digital album app of all your presented images – great for sharing online and taking your photos with you everywhere you go (learn more about this product here)

-two high-resolution digital files of your choice

Entire package value: $525

HOW TO ENTER (you must complete all three steps in order to participate):

1. Follow or "like" Lori Fuller Photography on at least two of these social media sites:

2. Sign up for our newsletter here

3. Leave a comment on this blog post telling us that you've completed steps 1 and 2. Also, please answer this question: what is your favorite chocolate?

THE (MIGHTY FINE) PRINT: No purchase necessary. Giveaway ends at 11:59pm Wednesday, March 4. Winner will be randomly selected on Friday, March 6. Once it is verified that winner has completed all "how to enter" steps, name will be announced and winner will be notified. Offer has no cash value. May not be combined with other offers, nor can any substitutions be made. Hair styling and photo session will take place in Oakland, CA on a mutually agreed upon date in 2015. Winner is responsible for all fees associated with traveling to Oakland, CA. Requests for hair and makeup services for others being photographed require an additional fee. Spam is yucky and so are cheaters; spammers and cheaters will be disqualified. If you are under 18 years of age, please get your parent's approval. By signing up for our newsletter, you agree to receive occasional emails with photography tips and other photography-related information. Your email address will never be shared.

Good luck!



Kicking Fear to the Curb :: Oakland CA Photographer

I've learned that the word goals just doesn't work for me. I've spent years setting goals, only to feel defeated and deflated when I didn't meet them. This year I am taking a new approach. The word vision seems to resonate with me right now. The dictionary describes vision as something that you imagine; a picture that you see in your mind.

It's no surprise that this word seems to be empowering me more than the word goals ever did. I'm one of the most visual people you will ever meet, and setting the intention to use visions to get $h%t done just feels right.

Last fall I took a course that really helped shape the way I think and feel about my business, and life in general. It is called the Manifest Method (http://manifestmethod.com/) and it focuses on empowering women entrepreneurs to succeed by embracing the chaos of daily life in order to put plans in motion and achieve measurable results. It has helped me gain clarity on the kind of photographer and business owner I want to be. One of the biggest obstacles that has held me back for the past few years is fear.

Fear of failing.

Fear of messing up.

Fear of critics.

Fear of not being true to myself.

I've realized that fear can cause business paralysis, frustration, and the desire to just give up. These are the reasons why I've decided to not let this annoying "f" word mess with me anymore. It will take a lot of planning and even more courage to persevere through the moments of self-doubt; but as I embrace my vision for my business and for my life, the one thing it will not see is the fear of failure.

Business Planning_Lori Fuller Photography

Want to follow along and see how I kick fear to the curb with my ninja-like ways? Or, do you want to be a part of some upcoming sessions and modeling opportunities? I'll be sharing information about these on social media as well as my newsletter. Sign up here to join the newsletter party (your email will never be shared, and your inbox will not be flooded), or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!



January Love :: San Francisco Bay Area Portrait Photographer

Image_San Francisco Bay Area It's January...are you feeling the new year love yet?! Lori Fuller Photography is offering a sweet special that is sure to warm up your winter blues.

Pre-purchase your 2015 portrait session before the end of January and receive that amount in print credit! That's right, you get $225 worth of *free* money to be used towards the purchase of prints, digitals, wall art, albums, and so on when you book your session. You get to spend it however you want! Suh-weet!

The Details: Session will take place by the end of April 2015. May not be combined with other offers. Offer has no cash value. Session fee includes the three appointments that come with every Lori Fuller Photography session experience: the phone consultation to plan out your session, a fun and relaxed portrait session, followed by an in-person viewing appointment that conveniently takes place from the comfort of your home.

Want to learn more about a session with Lori, or are you ready to book? Just visit our website here and be sure to mention January Love special when contacting us!

Offer expires January 31, 2015.

Hope to see you and your family this year!




So Many Choices! How to Choose the Right Photographer

We are living in one of the most visually documented periods of time. There are so many photos being taken on a regular basis. If you are a parent, you are probably the one taking the photos - and your main subject is most likely your adoring child. I fully admit - I am one of those parents! With so much of our focus on our little ones, where does that leave us in our family history book? I am on a mission to get parents IN photos with their children! Simply put, I want children to see everyone in their families years from now when they are flipping through photo albums, not just 7,492 photos of their messy faces, big toothless grins or awesome cartwheel tricks. Hiring a professional family photographer can not only help YOU to be present in photos with your most favorite people on the planet, but it is a wonderful way to celebrate your family. A professional photographer captures this moment in time together in a very meaningful and (hopefully) fun way. However, with so many photographers to choose from, how do you find the right fit for your family?

Here are 5 tips I've put together for choosing a family portrait photographer:

1. Choose your style. Do you prefer the look and feel of an indoor studio session with props or various backgrounds, or do you envision your family outdoors running around in an open field? Both types of sessions have their advantages and limitations, so it helps to know which look and style appeals to you.

Image_Lori Fuller Photography

2. Browse images. Spend time navigating through a photographer's website to make sure their style of work matches your taste. If you are looking for a traditional portrait session where everyone is sitting and looking at the camera, for example, you may not want to choose a photographer who displays images with a more photojournalistic feel.

Oakland CA Portrait Photographer

3. Read the "About" page. One of the first places I go when I am visiting a potential photographer's website is their "about" page. I love when a photographer's personality shines through and I learn something interesting about them.

4. Experience with children. You want to choose a photographer that not only "gets" children and knows how to interact with them, you want to be sure they know how to connect with YOUR child. Whether your child is energetic or more on the shy side, it helps when the photographer you've selected understands this and does whatever it takes to build a relationship and form trust with your little ones. When there is trust, children are much more likely to relax and this is when their real personalities and authentic expressions shine through.

Oakland CA Portrait Photographer

5. How much should you spend? Most professional photographers have spent countless hours learning about lighting, composition, posing, and have invested significantly in order to master their craft. A dedicated photographer and professional business owner will also strive to offer you, as the client, a quality experience that should exceed your expectation throughout the entire process. They should take the time to get to know you and your family, and understand your specific needs. When you find the right photographer whom you feel will capture the essence of your family, figure out a way to hire him/her even if his/her pricing is higher than someone else. Start a photo session fund where you set aside a bit of money each month. Ask the photographer if they offer a payment plan. Figure out a way to make it work if you really feel a connection with a particular photographer and you love his/her work.

Lori Fuller Photography

Choosing a family portrait photographer is a rewarding experience when you've done your research and are able to find someone whose style and personality are the perfect match for your family. The images that you create with your children today will be their most treasured possessions someday. Take the time, make the investment and spend a couple of hours with the most important people in your life capturing who you are as a family at this particular moment in time.San Francisco Portrait Photographer I'm excited to bring a brand new lifestyle session to my clients this year. I'll be looking for families who would like to participate in helping me create images for this new session in exchange for a complimentary session and digital files. Want to learn more? Sign up here to be first in the know!


Good News + Gratitudes Jar :: Oakland Portrait Photographer

Oakland Portrait Photographer On January 1, 2014, my family created a Good News + Gratitudes jar. The idea behind the jar was simple: write a brief note any time you felt grateful for someone or something, or had good news that made you feel proud. With no rules of when or how often to write, this random jar sat in our dining room throughout the year. I felt immense gratitude when, sometime in the spring, I had to switch our jar from the tiny jam jar we started with (which now conveniently holds pens and pencils) to a larger clear vase. The jar was working! We all took time to write little notes during the year, not just about one another but about ourselves as well.

Oakland Portrait Photographer_Good News and Gratitudes JarOakland Portrait Photographer_Good News and Gratitudes Jar

The goal was to read the notes on the last day of 2014. Since we were out of town with friends, we opened the jar last night and took turns reading the notes aloud. What an incredibly simple, yet meaningful way to recall all of the positive things that happened in 2014 and what we were all grateful for.

What you're grateful for grows.

Oakland Portrait Photographer_Good News and Gratitudes JarOakland Portrait Photographer_Good News and Gratitudes JarWe will definitely be doing this again in 2015 and have already started filling the jar...and this time we're starting off with the big vase!

Does your family have any special traditions or activities that you do to mark the end of the year/beginning of a new one? I'd love to hear! xo

2014 Year in Review :: San Francisco Bay Area Photographer

Thanks to the many terrific clients who entrusted me with documenting their families in 2014. This year I set out to really discover the style of photography I want to focus on. With each new client and session experience, my ideas became even more clear to me. I'll be talking more about this in 2015, but for now, enjoy some of my favorite moments from 2014. Whether it be an expression, an authentic moment, or gorgeous composition and color, these are images that make my heart happy. I hope they do the same for you. 2014 Year in Review (click the link to view the show!)

Year in Review_Lori Fuller Photography

Berkeley Walk for Lung Cancer :: Lori Fuller Photography

Every once in a while something happens that kind of rocks your world, but not in a good way. My mom's diagnosis with lung cancer last summer was that "something" for me. Over the course of several months, I flew to Southern California to be by her side. I slept in hospital chair beds as she underwent two separate surgeries that eventually resulted in removing a portion of her lung. When she started chemo, I tried to be there for as many treatments as I could just to keep her company and entertain her with my charming personality. heh-heh

What I have learned about lung cancer over the past year is astounding. It is the most common cancer worldwide. Most often by the time it's detected, it has advanced and spread to other parts of the body. There are two types of lung cancer: small cell (the kind that is typically associated with smoking), and non-small cell (more common, not necessarily attributed to smoking, and grows and spreads throughout the body more slowly than small cell).

The good news is that my mom's cancer was detected at an early stage and was classified as non-small cell. Although we don't yet know if the course of action worked, we are hopeful that between early detection, surgeries and treatments, she will beat this.

What is surprising is that funding and research advances have not caught up with other forms of cancer.

It's time to change that, which is why my mom and I are participating in the Berkeley Walk for Lung Cancer on September 21, hosted by the Lung Cancer Alliance (http://www.lungcanceralliance.org/).

We are walking to raise awareness. We are walking for all of the people who are being diagnosed today, tomorrow and the next day. We are walking because my mom is still here, and is still fighting, and because she can.

Your support in the form of a donation for Team Emm (that's us!) is greatly appreciated.

mother and  daughter_lori fuller photography

xo, Lori

We Grow :: Oakland CA Family Portrait Photographer

Dear Aidan and Angelina, I am so proud of us!  We've grown so much together over these past years since starting elementary school.  Aidan, I will never forget your first day of Kindergarten and how you held my hand so tightly I thought you would never let go.  The way you turned back to us and gave a hesitant wave as tears streamed down your face, tightly holding your friend Harrison's hand while we watched you walk off into that big school building is a moment engrained in my brain for eternity.  Of course, I tried to hide my own tears by holding the camera to my face, hoping that would distract me.  It was one of the most difficult photos I've ever taken, but also happens to be my favorite moment I've ever captured. Now, here you are as a fourth grader!  Sporting your fresh new high tops and cool roller bag backpack, I know you don't need my hand to hold anymore.  I know you already miss the carefree days of summer, and I admit that hearing you say "I just want to stay home with you" this morning made me secretly smile, but I am proud of you for being strong and brave, and I know you are going to be just fine.

lifestyle family photographerAngelina, it is going to be hard to top Kindergarten and first grade with Ms. Boston. She was an incredible teacher and I'm so proud of all you've accomplished this far.  But second grade!  Oh man, how I would love to be in second grade again!  I remember not only as a kid loving this particular grade, but as a teacher, it was, without a doubt, my favorite grade to teach.  Since your first day of Kindergarten, you have impressed me with your easy-going personality and your ability to see the fun and excitement in every new experience!  I am positive you are going to have a fabulous year with a brand new teacher.  It's going to be awfully quiet around the house during the day without you making me laugh ALL. THE. TIME...but we'll just have to save the dance parties and giggles for after school.

With each passing year, it has become a little bit easier to let go, to trust the others that are caring for you to do their jobs and keep you not only learning and educated, but to keep you safe. It's difficult, this parenting thing, because we want to see you grow and learn and become strong independent little beings, yet at the same time we can't help but want to protect you and keep you from getting hurt, whether it's from a scrape on the playground or a bullies mean words.  We'll keep growing together and celebrating each new school year and milestone.  Our friends will be there to help us along the way, and we'll keep making each other proud.  Deal?

xo, Mom

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Family Portrait Sessions :: Short + Sweet Sessions are Back!

Short + Sweet Sessions are back! They are offered exclusively to return clients and newsletter subscribers only, so now is your chance to scoop up one of these coveted sessions! San Francisco and Oakland Family Portrait PhotographerShort + Sweet Sessions are designed for families who would like to document this time with their loved ones but don't necessarily need the full attention of a custom portrait session. They are the perfect opportunity to capture an image for holiday cards or update the family photos on the mantel.

These are the only two Short + Sweet Session dates I have scheduled for this fall season. With one date scheduled for Oakland and one for San Francisco, it's a convenient way to jump in the photos with the rest of the family and capture these fleeting moments together.

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San Diego Portrait Sessions :: Booking Now

San Diego Family Portrait Photographer Lori Fuller Photography is heading to SoCal during the month of August!  While I'll be spending most of my time in San Diego County, I will be visiting the LA area as well.

Spots are limited, so please let me know if you are interested in a session in either location!

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