Play Ball! :: Oakland Girls Softball League, Oakland, CA

It's ball season around the Fuller household. With two kids playing in two different leagues, it means early weekend mornings, coordinating schedules, sunblock, and a car trunk full of baseball/softball gear and folding camp chairs (for those of us who can't sit on the bleachers for more than five minutes)! It also means lots of anxiety and excitement in young players which comes with every new game. This year I'm proud of my daughter for being part of the softball team in our community. She is so enthusiastic about every practice and game. Whether she makes contact with the ball or not, whether she fields the ball or not, she has such a sense of pride in being out there and being part of the team. Every game and practice I catch her looking over at me with a big smile on her face, as if to say, "Look at me, mom, and how much fun I'm having!" I'm so proud of her for being the brave, tenacious athlete that she is. I didn't play organized sports until high school, so to see her out there at such a young age is very inspiring to me. I hope the skills she is learning both on and off the field stick with her forever.

Image_Oakland Girls Softball League, Oakland, CA