Kicking Fear to the Curb :: Oakland CA Photographer

I've learned that the word goals just doesn't work for me. I've spent years setting goals, only to feel defeated and deflated when I didn't meet them. This year I am taking a new approach. The word vision seems to resonate with me right now. The dictionary describes vision as something that you imagine; a picture that you see in your mind.

It's no surprise that this word seems to be empowering me more than the word goals ever did. I'm one of the most visual people you will ever meet, and setting the intention to use visions to get $h%t done just feels right.

Last fall I took a course that really helped shape the way I think and feel about my business, and life in general. It is called the Manifest Method ( and it focuses on empowering women entrepreneurs to succeed by embracing the chaos of daily life in order to put plans in motion and achieve measurable results. It has helped me gain clarity on the kind of photographer and business owner I want to be. One of the biggest obstacles that has held me back for the past few years is fear.

Fear of failing.

Fear of messing up.

Fear of critics.

Fear of not being true to myself.

I've realized that fear can cause business paralysis, frustration, and the desire to just give up. These are the reasons why I've decided to not let this annoying "f" word mess with me anymore. It will take a lot of planning and even more courage to persevere through the moments of self-doubt; but as I embrace my vision for my business and for my life, the one thing it will not see is the fear of failure.

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