What I Learned from Alex P. Keaton

It was somewhere around 3 or 4 in the morning. I found myself flipping channels to distract from the insomnia I was once again experiencing. As I clicked the remote, I stopped at an old familiar favorite. If you watched TV in the 80's you probably remember the sitcom Family Ties. It's the story of two liberal parents, their conservative son Alex, and his two younger sisters, Mallory (a boy crazed fashionista) and Jennifer (the most mellow and normal of the bunch).  I was happy to see these familiar characters on in the wee hours of the morning when I needed a distraction to occupy my nonstop brain. As I watched the opening credits, I found myself viewing one particular scene with a whole new perspective. In a few brief shots, you see the Keaton's all sitting on the couch together, flipping through a photo album. All at once, the scene was so familiar to me because I had watched this show a million times growing up, yet it seemed so foreign to see a group of people sitting together looking at a photo album. Then I wondered, why does it seem so foreign...and does it have to?

family ties image

A photo album is a tangible piece of family history. It highlights birthday parties and summer vacations and graduations and weddings and births and anniversaries and ordinary, everyday moments. It showcases children growing up and parents getting older (whether we like it or not) and triggers something within us to see this passage of time in such a way that gives us pause.

Over the past few years, I've noticed that I get really excited when my clients choose to let me design an album for them from our session. I get excited because I know that, as my clients, you are receiving an heirloom product that can be held, flipped through, and handed down from parents to children to grandchildren. It highlights this small moment in time and tells your family story as it looks right now.

In a time when there is so much focus on technology and devices, I want to bring the simple act of flipping through an album together back! I want you to run your hands over a linen cover and let the sturdy pages pass through your fingers where your images have been preserved through archival-quality papers and inks. I want to create the opportunity for you to sit together for a few brief minutes in your crazy, busy day and smile as you recall the moments documented. I want you to not be worried about images being lost forever because hard drives crashed, images weren't archived properly and prints were never made. I want you to have this tangible product to enjoy and look at and hold and pass down for years to come.

With this in mind, I have made some exciting changes to the structure of my product offerings and have curated packages that include, in addition to thoughtfully chosen prints and digital files, a custom album design. When you choose Package One, you'll receive The Classic Album, which showcases 20 images of your choice from your family photo session (one image per page). Packages Two and Three include The Storyteller Album, which highlights up to 30 images displayed in a custom designed layout.

Day in the Life Photos with Lori Fuller Photography

family in front of house in upstate new york

I am excited about offering different package options now and can't wait to photograph your family and design a custom family album for you! Ready to book your session? Click here to get started. If you book by July 31, 2016 you'll receive complimentary engraving on the front cover of your album - perfect for adding your family name, the date, or both!