6 Tips for Back to School Pics

It's that time of year. If your Facebook newsfeed looked anything like mine did on Monday, you know that the start of a new school year is highlighted by new backpacks and sneakers, anxious youngsters with cautiously optimistic smiles, and doting parents who want to capture this fun/emotional/exciting milestone! Whether it was your first day back to school last week, this week, or is coming up after Labor Day, here are 6 tips for creating fun back to school photos that highlight this time of year for you and your child.

  1. Take a photo in the same spot each year. Our front porch seems to be our go-to spot. Try to find a backdrop that is minimal and won't distract from the subjects too much. It's fun to see how they grow and change in that same space each year.Image_Lori Fuller Photography
  2. Get them while they're moving. If you walk to school, show the route you take. If your kids get on the bus, have them strike a pose as the bus is pulling up to the stop. If you're lucky, you may capture a special moment like this where my kids were holding hands and smiling (now I would have to bribe them to do this). The oversized backpacks are especially photo worthy as they not only show off current trends and styles, but they are ridiculously cute on small humans.Image_Lori Fuller Photography
  3. Tell the story with details. Take a couple of shots of the school building or playground, the inside of the classroom or hallway, and even their little lunch boxes with special love notes! I wish I had more of these kind of photos from my own school days because you don't always remember these little things, and I think they are a fun way to tell the story.Image_Lori Fuller Photography
  4. Photograph through the tears (yours and theirs). I've shared this one before, but I love it so much that I'm sharing again. We sometimes don't want to photograph someone when they're sad or upset, but the power this image has over me brings me to tears just as I'm typing this. I remember clearly what a big step this was for him, how difficult it was for him, and yet he did it...and he had a dear friend helping him through it.Image_Lori Fuller Photography
  5. Friends Rule. Remember who their best pals were in elementary school, even when they get older and they find your "everyone get together" command highly annoying.Image_Lori Fuller Photography
  6. Get in there! Whether it's a more traditional, posed shot or something a little more candid (like this one), you owe it to yourself and your little ones to get in the photos with them! You will never regret being in photos with your kids...promise!Image_Lori Fuller Photography

Happy Back to School Days!