Alameda, CA Photographer :: Children's Head Shots :: Lori Fuller Photography

Alameda, CA Photographer :: Children's Head Shots :: Lori Fuller Photography

2015-09-17_0008 I felt and looked like a house, extremely pregnant with my second child. Proud of myself for 1) getting up off the couch, and 2) finding clothes that I could fit into, I held hands with my 17-month old son as we walked down to a neighbor's house for our first neighborhood play group. We had only been in our new home (in a new city) for a few months, but I knew it was time to end the denial and get out there and start making new friends.

That was when I met him.

He was only a few weeks old, curled up in that cuddly newborn position in one of his mama's arms. I was in complete awe of this mom showing up at a playgroup with a newborn AND a toddler in tow. How was it possible that she looked so relaxed and put together...and showered?!  I vaguely remember drilling her with questions because I wanted needed to know that I could do this in a few short weeks when my second child was born.

It blows my mind to realize that it was nine years ago when I met Dylan (the curled up newborn) and his family at that sweet little playgroup. It would be the start to a special friendship between our families, something I am so grateful for each and every day.

It really didn't surprise me when Dylan recently started showing interest in acting/modeling/performing. Known for his fast wit, undeniable charm, and ability to make a room full of kids (mine, in particular) laugh uncontrollably, he's a natural entertainer and so well suited to being in front of an audience.

When Dylan needed to have professional photos taken for modeling agencies, I was extremely honored that his family reached out to me for the job. We spent time at a local park and captured a few different looks for his portfolio. Since I've been photographing him casually and professionally since he was a baby, this was truly a fun experience for me.

Dylan, I am so proud of you for working hard for something you feel passionate and excited about! I absolutely cannot wait to see the great opportunities that are waiting for you as you begin to achieve your dreams. xo

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