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Last month, I attended an amazing two-day event at the new creativeLIVE studio here in San Francisco. It was the first live broadcast from the new studio space, and being the long-time active participant of creativeLIVE that I am, I was thrilled to be a part of this event. A stellar line up of speakers and presenters were on hand for the SF studio kickoff workshop titled, Secrets from Silicon Valley. At the after-hours celebration one night, I met Margaux Axelrod, owner of SUCCI Artisanal Gardens and Terrariums.  She had a workshop station set up at the party that evening where guests could build their own terrarium using air plants, colorful gravel, and moss.  I enjoyed meeting Margaux and making my own little tin planter that I took home with me that night.  Shortly after the event, I reached out to Margaux to see if she would be interested in being featured as my next Small Business Spotlight...and I'm so excited that she said YES!

We recently met up at Margaux's backyard workstation, which proved to be the most perfect backdrop for our photo session and for us to hang out and spend time chatting!

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Tell us about the "random hobby" you had that was the inspiration to start SUCCI.
I have always had a love for old Ford trucks and dream of the day that I will have my very own 1958 F100 Rat Rod. One day I stumbled upon a vintage Ford truck toy and had the idea of planting a succulent garden in the bed of it. Upon my arrival from New York in 2009, I fell in love with the fields of succulents that fill Northern California. Finally, I had discovered a plant that was perfect for my busy lifestyle that did not need a ton of attention and had many variations. Before I knew it I had combined two of my favorite things. After posting a few pictures of my SUCCI-trucks on Facebook I received an overwhelming response. Before I knew it my "random hobby" had become my new business venture!

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You were in the restaurant industry before you began SUCCI, and you even had your own catering business. What made you change career paths?  I still work part time in the restaurant industry, which has always been what I do. Whether I am waiting tables, managing restaurants or running a catering company I love it all. But, I had to pull away from the late hours and high stress...I was ready for a change. I love anything and everything involving creativity so when SUCCI started to gain momentum I gradually pulled away from the restaurant world to take a chance and see what I could make of it. I feel so blessed that my Monday through Fridays are now spent designing SUCCI products, organizing workshops, working with event planners to create center pieces and conjuring up new ideas for my company.

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I love your philosophy to just "do the unexpected." What are some of the things you are thinking about when creating a personalized SUCCI truck for someone?

I am excited to share my passion of creating something new from something old. For me, these trucks carry the imprints of their past owners and inspire the simple joys of childhood. We all remember that moment when a new toy became your whole world! My hopes are that everyone who receives a SUCCI-truck will experience that moment of innocence and joy once again.

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We met at the recent creativeLIVE launch party in San Francisco where you had a station set up for people to create their own mini terrariums. Tell us about the networking/team-building workshops you are currently offering.  Coming from the hospitality industry I love working with people, so for me workshops are a highlight in what SUCCI offers: Terrarium Building, Creating Your Indoor Garden, Reviving Vintage, Air Plants, Succulents, Glue Gun...Oh My, and My First Garden. Workshops are great for any occasion or team building purpose.  My First Garden is perfect for a kid's birthday party!
Are vintage trucks difficult to find? Where are some of your favorite places to find these old toys?
They aren't necessarily hard to find but they are difficult to find at a workable price. All of my trucks are authentic vintage ranging from the 1920's - 1960's. For example a simple Tonka truck 6 inches by 2 inches values anywhere from $30 - $90. Its a bit of a numbers game and making sure the research is there to guarantee I stay with in my margins. My favorite place to find trucks are of course at garage sales because I love to get the story behind these toys.

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As a former New Yorker myself, I'd love to know what brought you out to the Bay Area?  I always giggle for a moment when I am asked what brought me out to the Bay Area because.... well... when I was younger, I had told someone that I love Fall and wished I could live somewhere that was Fall year round. As you can assume they told me San Francisco, so when the time presented itself I sold most of my belongings and took a chance moving to a city I had never been to. After 6 years I am proud to call San Francisco home and love the year round Fall weather!

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Thanks so much for your time, Margaux!

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