Presenting Images to Clients

One of the most rewarding moments of being a photographer is when I get to share images with clients. By the time we reach this step in the portrait session process, I’ve had the opportunity to really get to know my clients and who they are as a family. We’ve spent time together during the in-person consultation. We’ve talked about details, outfits, locations, and creative ideas for the session. During the photo shoot we’ve laughed, made funny faces, climbed trees (or picked flowers, or swung on swings, or rolled in grass, or walked around town, or…or…) and we’ve captured some pretty special moments together. Those special moments should be presented in a special way. It took time, effort and planning on both of our parts, and getting an entire family of dressed (hopefully), shaven (possibly), well-fed and well-rested beings out the door can be as exhausting as running a marathon. Or at least a 5K.

That is why it is so important to me to reward my clients with their own Reveal session.

The photo Reveal highlights and celebrates all of the wonderful moments captured during the photo session. By inviting my clients to preview their images with me, I enjoy the experience of witnessing their initial reactions to the photos. As an artist I selfishly admit that it is my greatest joy when clients love their photos. I love when they tell me I captured the true essence of their child, or when they say “I can’t believe you got that shot!” I love when they laugh at a funny expression, or tear up over a particularly sweet moment. I get to be a part of that experience with them, and yes, you guessed it, I love it!

Watch the video below to see a recent Reveal slideshow: