My (Almost) 8-Year Old Chef | San Francisco Bay Area Lifestyle Photographer

For a recent homework assignment, my son was required to create a family meal. He had to find a recipe, make a shopping list of all of the ingredients needed, and then go shopping for it all. He then was in charge of preparing the meal for us. He took every step of this assignment very seriously; checking the fridge for necessary ingredients, making a list and then scratching it off as we walked through the store, remembering important food handling rules, like washing hands before we started cooking, and so on. Last night he created a delicious meal of Shrimp Scampi with Angel Hair Pasta. Yum! Not only was I extremely proud of him for all of his hard work on preparing the meal, but when he reminded me that we were going to need a side vegetable, my motherly heart nearly exploded. vegetable-pushing work here is done. The first four storyboards are shot with iPhone.

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