Looking Up to Mom | Celebrating Moms

My six-year old daughter looks up to me. She asks for my fashion advice (Mommy, should I wear the pink dress or the sparkly one?), she usually wants to know what I'm thinking before she will say her opinion about something, and she officially has her own camera so we no longer argue over who will get to use "the big camera" to take photos! The first time she ever looked up to me was when the doctor placed her on my chest immediately after she was born.  She opened her eyes at the exact same moment I looked down at her sweet little face.  I can't remember many details of what happened during those first few hours (days...weeks...months...years...HA) of having two young children, but I can easily remember that moment and what it felt like.  This image reminds me of one simple thing:  I always want to be someone my daughter looks up to.

Photos_Lori Fuller Photography_0211.jpg