A Baby Named Lily

My six-year old has loved her baby doll for as long as I can remember. This doll has been a very integral part of our family, joining us everywhere from vacations to dinner outings. At one point I actually had to remind myself that there were only two living children in the house; the third one was just plastic. It is actually quite sweet to see how loving, gentle and nurturing she is with her baby doll, appropriately named "Baby"...although just recently underwent a name change and it was declared that she is now "Lily." When Angelina asked me to do a photo shoot of her and Lily, of course I said I would. I was impressed with how much thought she put into her and Lily's outfits. While she had some ideas on the kinds of photos she wanted with Baby oops I mean Lily, she was open to new suggestions and ideas from me. My kind of client! I was also grateful that she allowed me to take photos of just her...my baby.

I know Angelina will look at these images with fond memories of her childhood years from now. Maybe not when she's a teenager (!), but perhaps when she has her own little girl or boy who lovingly adores one of her/his own special Lilies.

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