A Mother with her Own Mother | Celebrating Moms

This week is all about Moms! Celebrating them, remembering them, missing them, adoring them, spoiling them, and loving them in all of the ways we individually do.

I love this image for so many reasons.  I love that this family took time out of the craziness of life to have photos taken.  I love that they chose to do it when Grandma was in town visiting.  I love the shots of Grandma with her grandchildren at the park, but I love this image of her with her beautiful daughter even more.  I love this image because it reminds me of my own mom and how much I would love to have a recent photograph like this of us together.  This image inspires me to make sure I make that happen when I am in San Diego visiting my mom this summer.

Photos_Lori Fuller Photography_0130.jpg