What Matters Most to Your Family?


What does your family value? When you really think about it, what matters most to you as a family? I thought about the answers to these questions a lot on a recent ski trip.

Mom skiing at Heavenly Ski Resort_lori fuller photography

As I shredded down the side of the mountain (in the way a 40-something, somewhat out of shape cautious mom shreds), I was reminded how much I love this sport, how much we as a family love travel, and how my husband and I have always valued adventure and exploring new (and familiar) places together.

As we put the kids in Ski School for THE ENTIRE DAY, my husband and I got to ski together, we ventured off in the trees together, and we laughed with best friends throughout the day. It was a spontaneous trip filled with great memories, the kind we all used to share together regularly before kids.

Including the entire family in something that we used to do regularly (pre-kids) and that we enjoy so much was amazing. The kids loved the sport and we loved the realization that there is now something else for us to enjoy together as a family.

So tell me…what matters most to your family? I'd love to hear in the comments!

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